Media Outlets Highlight Raul’s Speech at the Panama Summit

raul-cumbre-panama-2015-ts[1]Havana, Cuba, Apr 13.- Media outlets worldwide published on Saturday the words by Cuban President Raul Castro during his speech at the 7th Summit of the Americas, where the presence of Cuba for the first time captured attention. Headlines such as “First speech by Castro receives ovation and captures media attention,” “It was time for me to speak here on behalf of my country” and “Historic speech by Raul Castro at Summit of the Americas”, appeared in various news programs in the world, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

The Colombian newspaper El Tiempo described as historic the speech by the Cuban head of state, noting the willingness expressed by him for “respectful dialogue and civilized coexistence” with the United States, the Juventud Rebelde newspaper published on Sunday.

The first speech by a Cuban President at a Summit of the Americas received an ovation in the room where the meeting was held and captured the attention of hundreds of journalists, the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais commented.

The Mexican newspaper La Jornada highlighted Raul’s assertion that the U.S. blockade against Cuba should be resolved, continued Juventud Rebelde.

As long as there is a blockade -which is not the responsibility of the President, and that was codified with a bill in Congress that he can not change- we must keep fighting and support Barack Obama’s intention to put an end to it, citing in turn the Huffington Post.

The most urgent question that needs to be resolved has to do with the repeal of the policy imposed in 1962, a decision that concerns the U.S. Congress, said in this regard the Portuguese newspaper Público.

For its part, Italy’s La República reported that the Cuban President highlighted the fact that Venezuela is not a threat to the United States, in a condemnation of the executive order made public by Obama against the South American country.

The British newspaper The Guardian, meanwhile, reflected the historic panorama covered by Raul in his words, which included the imperialism’s desire for more than a century now for taking over the island, to the most recent aggressions it has been the victim of as result of the aggressive and hostile policy applied by 10 U.S. administrations, which on December 17 Barack Obama acknowledged as failed.(can)

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