Massive Chavista March in Caracas Today (Images and Videos)

Feb 23 (Orinoco Tribune) Yesterday the PSUV called for a demonstration today to keep the Chavista people in constant mobilization to counter the imminent US Military Intervention in Venezuela and also to counter the right-wing demonstration called for today also in Caracas.

All Venezuelans are struggling with the hard economic crisis that have affected the number of people you see in the streets from both sides during demonstrations, either chavista and escualidos. But today the chavista march was massive (similar to the one in Ave. Bolívar) and full of joy and happiness but also the march was a reflection of the fierce chavista spirit of Resistance.

The march started in the Ave. Libertador of Caracas and ended in the Ave. Urdaneta close to the Miraflores Palace where President Nicolas Maduro gave a speech making important announcements as the rupture of diplomatic and political relations with Colombia after several incidents in the border with that country that evidence the complicity of Colombian authorities in the promotion of violence as a pretext for US military intervention.

Below you can see some videos and photos from this beautiful demonstration:



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