Marquette University students to travel to Cuba

MILWAUKEE —On Jan. 2, 14 Marquette University students and two professors will travel to Cuba.

The 10-day trip includes a three-credit course, sightseeing and enjoying local cuisine.

“Experience a different culture, meet new people and go to a new place, have an experience that not many people have had the opportunity to,” senior Mark Atkins said.

Other students like Amy Elliot-Meisel are excited to use her classroom knowledge and see Cuba in person.

“This is kind of a chance to pull all of (the) different things I’ve learned in different classes into one big trip, so it’s really exciting,” she said.

Associate history professor Michael Donoghue has been to Cuba four previous times working on a research project. His most recent visit was in 2015.

He helped organize the winter break trip through many of his contacts there.

Donoghue said there are many historical things happening in Cuba right now, which will be a priceless lesson for the students.

“They get to see it at a time with this opening, see the reaction of the Cuban people to the death of Fidel, which he was a huge figure in their society,” Donoghue said.

Hillary Mintz, WISN

December 13, 2016

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