Mariela Castro awarded by Ontario unions

Toronto, June 29, 2014. Ontario Federation of Labour gave the International Workplace Rights Award to Mariela Castro Espín, Director of the National Center for Sex Education in Cuba, during a ceremony held in this city.

The President of the OFL, Syd Ryan, said the decision is based on the recognition of the transcendental Labour Code approved in Cuba ensuring workplace protection from discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation.

The Member of the Cuban National Assembly of People’s Power is in Canada participating in the World Pride Human Rights Conference held in the city between 25 and 29 of this month.

As part of her visit, the Cuban renowned activist offered a conference that addressed the rights of the LGBT community in the Island in the context of the 24 years of the CENESEX. The Cuban delegation was also responsible to provide an update of the progress seen in the Latin American reality.

The Director of CENESEX had the opportunity to hold meetings with various political and union leaders and give interviews to the local press. It worth to mention the interview with Councillor Joe Mihevc and the President of UFCW. She also had the opportunity to explain the Cuban reality to a large audience who attended the Panel organized by OXFAM Canada entitled “Breaking another silence ” where activists from Canada, Zimbabwe and Vietnam also participated.

In its issue of June 27, the national newspaper “Globe and Mail” published an interview with the deputy Mariela Castro.

At the end of the program and hours before her return to the Island, Mariela Castro witnessed the annual World Pride March in which paraded more than 2 million people and where Cuban flags were seen as part of the various groups involved. (Consulate General of Cuba in Toronto)

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