Marco, Ted and Bob: Fishes out of water

NEW YORK – “Don’t defend me, pal.”

That memorable phrase by Mexican comedian Tin Tan perfectly fits those U.S. politicians who, assuming poses of concern over the welfare of Cubans, oppose the reestablishment of relations with Cuba announced jointly last week by the presidents of both nations.

Shameless hypocrites, these individuals don’t think twice about proclaiming themselves defenders of the Cuban people while doing everything possible — even the impossible — to keep them in poverty and isolation.

It’s embarrassing that three of the most notable specimens of this fauna of phonies define themselves as Cuban-Americans, even though none of them has ever set a foot on Cuban soil.

They are Marco, Ted and Bob, something like the U.S. Senate’s Three Little Pigs, although their performance is not precisely suitable for a children’s tale.

The first two, Rubio and Cruz, are Republican and rivals, since they both dream of being candidates for the presidency. The third, Menéndez, is a Democrat, but the three have one thing in common: a visceral hatred toward any measure that could inject a minimum of rationality to Washington’s policy toward Cuba.

The three took part in the program “Al punto” [“To the Point”] on Univisión last Sunday [Dec. 21].

“I believe in peace through force,” said Cruz, with his habitual arrogance, to journalist Jorge Ramos, explaining his anger over the respectful and peaceful change in policy announced by Obama.

And he added, lying without the slightest modesty: “Cuba is the main state sponsor of terrorism.”

Rubio did his usual pouting while telling Ramos why he’s against negotiating with Cuba but not with China, a country that, according to Ramos, is also a communist dictatorship.

“There are geopolitical reasons,” he affirmed, very seriously. “China is the world’s second economic power.” Besides, it’s very big, he said, and a nuclear power. In turn, Cuba, the birthplace of his parents, is small and poor and has no nuclear weapons.

It seems that Rubio’s doctrine in international politics is institutionalized cowardice.

Then, the ineffable Menéndez, in full pudgy splendor, proclaimed his indignation because, according to him, “Obama is giving the Castro brothers everything they want without gaining anything in exchange.”

Unexplained by Menéndez — who has been the subject of repeated investigations for corruption — was what Washington ever “gained” in 53 years of a failed policy, other than international repudiation.

History has passed judgment on them and has tossed them overboard. Like fishes out of water, Rubio, Cruz, Menéndez and others like them can do nothing but gasp desperately for breath to keep from dying.

The Three Little Pigs are still fighting yesterday’s wars and, fortunately, they’re doomed to swift extinction.

No question about it, 2015 promises to be a great year for all Cubans.


Albor Ruiz, Progreso Weekly
December 26, 2014

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