Marc Van Montagu Praises Cuban Biotechnological Development

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 5 (acn) Marc Van Montagu, pioneer of molecular biotechnology in plants in the world, was full of praise for the development reached by the Cuban scientific community in the field of biotechnology.

The Belgian expert was one of the guest speakers at the Biotechnology International Congress Havana 2014, which wrapped up this Thursday in the Occidental Miramar hotel, located in the municipality of Playa in Havana.

Speaking to Cuban News Agency, the World Food Prize also said his approach to Cuba happened in the 1980s and since then he has kept in touch with specialists from the island.

He stressed the partnerships of the Caribbean nation with Brazil, China, Vietnam and other countries that allow it to raise its knowledge on the use of transgenic plants.

Montagu praised the participation of Latin American scientists in the event of Havana and said it is a great opportunity to share experiences on the challenges that working with genetically modified foods present.

He said that every day is greater the number of people who inhabit the planet, which presupposes the challenge of producing more food to feed them.

He said that purpose must be achieved in the same areas for crops and seeds resistant to pests, diseases and with a high yield potential.

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