Major solidarity contribution for Cuba in Chile

Santiago, Chile, May 27 (Prensa Latina) Under the slogan ‘The blockade kills, your solidarity saves lives,’ friends of Cuba have raised funds in Chile to donate one million syringes to Covid-19 vaccination in the Caribbean nation, local media reported on Thursday.

Elizabeth Molina, leader of the Chilean Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, told Prensa Latina that as part of the Syringes for Cuba international campaign, they proposed to collect money to purchase 100,000 syringes, and thanks to the contributions, they will be able to purchase one million.

The objective of the campaign, which began in Santiago on April 5, was to raise at least 42,000 dollars to purchase and send those supplies to Cuba.

Molina expressed ‘gratitude to those who joined this action, people and organizations that are friends of Cuba and its Revolution, the Physicians Graduated in Cuba, the Parents of Graduates Association, and the Groups of Solidarity with Cuba, which promote the initiative.’

Cuban scientists have developed five Covid-19 vaccine candidates, among which the most advanced in clinical trials are Soberana 02 and Abdala (CIGB-66), which have already been administrated to tens of thousands of people in the Caribbean island. Cuban authorities plan to start a mass vaccination campaign in June.

Cuba is the only Latin American country that has developed its own Covid-19 vaccines, and authorities hope to immunize most of its population this year.


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