Maduro: Venezuela Living the First Cyber War in the World

President Nicolas Maduro
President Nicolas Maduro | Photo: VTV

“Venezuela is experiencing the first war of unconventional dimensions,” President Nicolás Maduro said in reference to the attacks on the electricity system.

April 3 (teleSUR) President Nicolás Maduro said on Wednesday that Venezuela is experiencing the first cyberwar in the world, directed against the electrical system to destabilize the country and impose a regime change from the United States.

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“Venezuela is living the first war of unconventional dimensions with attacks on public services to impose a regime change from the U.S.,” referring to cyber sabotage at the Simón Bolívar Hydroelectric Power Plant, in the Guri Dam, Bolívar state, and the attacks with electromagnetic pulses against transmission lines.

“They have come to say in an analysis of 4 or 5 years ago that they could attack the electrical system of a country and leave it disabled, to weaken it in the global dispute of power,” the president explained.

Electricity management plan

In addition, the Venezuelan leader indicated that he has already started the 30-day load management plan for the recovery of the national electricity system.

“We started this 30-day plan, for the recovery of everything destroyed, damaged, burned, the recovery phase with the union of the working class of Guayana, del Guri, Corpoelec, Sidor, under the direction of the Executive Vice President” , he claimed.

President Maduro reiterated that the plan focuses on the recovery and stabilization of the electricity system, while the population continues to resist.

In addition, he recalled that school activities restarted on Wednesday throughout the country, but “in a sensitive schedule, adapted to the conditions of each educational unit and municipality.”

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