Maduro urges people to defend peace in Venezuela

Caracas, Nov. 2 (Prensa Latina) President Nicolas Maduro urged Venezuelans to defend peace and joy of the nation against those who want to promote violence.

From the Humboldt Hotel in the Waraira Repano National Park, the president sent a message of love to the people and officially inaugurated the country’s Christmas holidays.

Amidst a musical atmosphere where Venezuelan artists performed Christmas carols, Christmas songs and the exciting Christmas tips, Maduro said, ‘Congratulations to everyone, long live Christmas, long live love.’

‘We are happy, the happy Venezuela, the beautiful Venezuela, the one that can do it, the one that works, the one that has the right to peace. We must defend peace with work, with production, with popular mobilization,’ he said.

During the event, the traditional lighting of the Christmas Cross took place in Cerro Caracas and a video creation of the national singers and artists who dedicated the piece Vamos mi gente (Let’s go my people) was broadcast.

After the presentation of the audiovisual material showing Venezuelan traditions as well as landscapes of the country, the head of state urged Venezuelans to share it on social networks, in order to bring the ‘message of unity’ to the entire country.

This has to be the New Year’s Eve song. Let’s not forget 2019, the beautiful year, of struggle, we have shown that we are above any aggression, manipulation and difficulty,’ the president said.


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