Maduro Urges Armed Forces to Defend Venezuela’s Future

Caracas, Jul 2 (Prensa Latina) During a ceremony to promote army officers, President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro urged the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) and the Venezuelan population to fight together for a future in peace, free and sovereign.

As commander in chief, Maduro promoted yesterday 139 generals and admirals of FANB, who reiterated their oath to the Constitution, the laws and their commitment to work for a Venezuela with solidarity and independence.

‘You, young people, must know that even when we have struggled and made history in these first two decades, the large history of the homeland is yet to be built, and it needs a cohesive Armed Force that loves the people from the heart’, said Maduro in the ceremony held yesterday at the National Mausoleum, in Caracas.

In his speech, Maduro reiterated that Venezuela will remain free and with the support of the FANB´s commitment against the imperialism will not give in to any foreign power.

Maduro was joined at the ceremony by president of the Moral Council of the Republic Tarek William Saab and president of the Supreme Court Maikel Moreno, who held with him the sword of Simon Bolivar to swear loyalty to the homeland.


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