Maduro Reiterates Call for Dialogue to Reach Peace in Venezuela

Caracas, Jul 17 (Prensa Latina) President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, reiterated this Wednesday the willingness of his government to hold talks with the opposition, as it is the way to achieve citizen peace in this nation.

The dialogue we have undertaken is for the right to life and prosperity in Venezuela. I ratify our full willingness to dialogue with all productive sectors, businesses and the working class, for the wellbeing of the Homeland. With Dialogue and Peace Everything Is Possible,’ he wrote on Twitter.

Last Monday, the Venezuelan government delegation arrived in Barbados, the venue for talks between authorities and opposition spokespersons.

Along with Pope Francisco, we hope that we all pledge our efforts to build a peaceful mechanism for the solution of controversies and to stop the aggressions against our dignified people,’ Jorge Rodriguez, Minister of Communication and Information, wrote on Twitter when he arrived in Barbados.

He assured that his delegation maintains and supports President Maduro’s basic proposal: ‘A permanent dialogue for peace, for peaceful coexistence and the constitutional and democratic resolution of political and social controversies’.

Rodriguez expressed his confidence in the government of Norway’s provision and thanked the government and people of Barbados for their hospitality.


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