Maduro ratifies progress by Venezuela and Cuba despite US blockade

Caracas, Nov 5 (Prensa Latina) President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday revalidated the progress made by Venezuela and Cuba despite the policy of blockade and sanctions promoted by the United States and its allies.

On his Twitter account, the president stated that despite this “we have managed to get ahead with great dignity, and bring free quality healthcare services to the people.”

No one can bend the sons and daughters of Bolivar and Marti, he noted.

On Friday, Maduro described Cuba’s triumph at the United Nations as a moral, diplomatic and political victory, where the majority of the international community once again rejected the blockade policy against the Caribbean island.

That vote gives full, absolute reason to Havana and to our countries, that the US empire must cease its criminal mechanisms, of persecution, of torture against the peoples of Cuba, Venezuela and the world, the head of State pointed out.

He stressed that Venezuela and Cuba are persecuted, tortured, threatened, and blocked countries.

Two tortured States, in the body, to destroy us, but they have never been able to, nor will they ever be able to, neither with Cuba nor with Venezuela nor with Latin America and the Caribbean, here we are standing, as a whole, and what we are going “forward, buddy,” Maduro said.

The so-called sanctions and unilateral coercive measures must cease, they must definitively cease, he stressed.

The head of State wondered how much we could do for the health of the people of Cuba, of Venezuela and of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, if we were not persecuted, sanctioned and blocked as we are.

It is one thing to blockade, but another thing is to persecute, to torture, and US imperialism and the European empires persecute and torture our countries, down to the last bank account, down to the last spare part we are seeking for medical equipment.

Maduro denounced that they want to turn all this into a weapon of political negotiation to impose conditions on the countries.

This is what Fidel Castro denounced, what Hugo Chavez denounced, trying to turn torture, persecution, sanctions and blockades into political weapons to bend and twist the arms of our peoples.

The Venezuelan president stressed that this does not apply to us, to the peoples of (Simon) Bolivar, (Jose) Marti, Fidel and Chavez, no one will twist their arm, neither today nor ever, he sentenced.


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