Maduro: #NoMoreTrump Petition Hits 10 Million Signature Goal

 Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela July 25, 2019. Miraflores Palace via REUTERS
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela July 25, 2019. Miraflores Palace via REUTERS | Photo: Reuter

The international campaign that went into effect less than a month ago has collected 10 million signatures and will be handed over to the U.N.

Sept 6 (teleSUR) During a Friday evening press conference, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that 10 million signatures were collected for the international #NoMoreTrump campaign against the United States criminal blockade on the South American country. 

The “No More Trump” petition, begun August 10 by President Maduro in order to join international forces in denouncing the United States administration’s illegal economic and commercial blockade on Venezuela, had nine million signatures as of Tuesday.

“Impressive the capacity of our people, 10 million expressed their will. We are not playing here! We’re serious!”

The anti-Trump petitions that have been circulating the globe for the past month will now be sent to the United Nations this month, just in time for the 74th UN General Assembly set to begin Sept. 17th.

Also during the briefing, the head of state said that his government is again retreating from the dialogues with the opposition parties because the U.S.-backed, self-declared interim president, Juan Guaido who is allegedly leading the way to illegally hand-over the Essequibo region, a territory that Venezuela has disputed with Guyana since the 19th century.

“Until he rectifies his claim to deliver the Essequibo, we clearly remain out of the dialogues for reasons of dignity and sovereignty.”

“It is unacceptable that (Guaido) is negotiating on behalf of his fictitious government to give up Venezuelan territory, the Essequibo,” stated the head of state. “I will not accept traitors at the table,” the president stated emphatically at the news conference. “We want peace, sovereignty, production and union,” within Venezuela. 

Hours before the president’s speech, Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek Saab announced that the government had begun “an investigation against Juan Guaido, Vanessa Neumann and Manuel Avendaño (advisors to Guaido) for allegedly being involved in an illegal negotiation.” 

The top prosecutor added, “We will not allow it…Justice will be done,” Saab said and stressed that opposition politicians are trying to “deplete our resources and deliver them to foreign powers.”

At the beginning of his speech, Maduro stressed that the National Assembly, currently under contempt of court by the nation’s Supreme Court, is highly likely to flip toward the Socialist Party.

The Venezuelan president went on to say that the Tuesday-announced Orange Alert put into effect at the border with Colombia is being carried out “perfectly and in a disciplined way.” The alert was made because of a threat of military aggression from the neighboring country.

“We know that there is an attempt to try to scale a set of false flag operations (from) the government of Colombia … to attack Venezuela and start a military conflict against our country,” the president said Tuesday when the move was first made.  

During the Friday speech, he reiterated that the measure was taken for the “peace and sovereignty of Venezuela, before the threats of the guerrilla, criminal and irresponsible oligarchy of Bogota, and the sub-president Ivan Duque” who Maduro said was the puppet of former Colombian president, Alvaro Uribe.

“Alvaro Uribe, the one who really has the power in Colombia, (is a) criminal, paramilitary and drug trafficker,” according to Maduro. 

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