Maduro: ‘Colombians, Venezuelans Must Seek Solidarity, Peace’

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro commemorates 200 anniversary of the Battle of Vargas Swamp. July 25, 2019
President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro commemorates 200 anniversary of the Battle of Vargas Swamp. July 25, 2019 | Photo: Correo del Orinoco

In a speech commemorating the New Grenada victory, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on all Venezuelans, Colombians to unite.

July 25 (teleSUR) In a show of diplomacy, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged all Colombians and Venezuelans “together … to seek our common destiny of independence, justice, solidarity, peace in the 21st century.”


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During a ceremony marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Vargas Swamp, the Venezuelan president urged for peace and unity between his nation and the people of neighboring Colombia.

During a speech Thursday at the National Pantheon of Caracas, the head of state said, ” The Colombian military receives orders daily to conspire against the peace of Venezuela. We count on you to disobey orders to not disrupt the peace of Venezuela. We count on you!” 

He later tweeted: “I invite the Colombian people to return to the path of brotherhood and peace created by our liberator, Simon Bolivar. I reiterate the call to our Colombian military brothers to stop the demands of the Bogota oligarchy to attack the Peace of Venezuela. We count on you!”

The July 25 act, led by the president commemorated Revolutionary Simon Bolivar’s defeat of the Spanish in the 17 century. Two centuries ago, the army of New Granada, made up of forces from Colombia, Panama, Venezuela and Ecuador, prevented the Spanish from taking over the current capital of Colombia, Bogota. The victory eventually led to the region’s independence from Spain by 1824.

The president emphasized during Thursday’s ceremony that “present and future generations should continue drinking the wonderful nectar of our country’s history. We are filled with its light, … its strength.”

Also on hand for the celebration were government representatives, including Cilia Flores, Supreme Court President Maikel Moreno, head state prosecutor, Elvis Amoroso, and National Electoral Council President Tibisay Lucena. President Maduro placed flowers on the graves of Bolivar and Juan Jose Rondon, leader of the battle. The pair are buried at the pantheon. 

Colombia’s government under President Ivan Duque has heavily corroborated with U.S. forces, attempting to replace Maduro as the democratically elected president of Venezuela.

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