Maduro Announces Plan to Fight Electric War Against Venezuela

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro

The Venezuelan government declared that the recent attack on the electrical system was strong and that the authorities are investigating its capacity to cause damage.

March 31 (teleSUR) The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced on Sunday that a new plan was about to be implemented for 30 days in order to fight against the electric war executed against the population.

In a television address, the Venezuelan government explained: “we have been working on this serious situation, the coup went directly to the electric power generation system and affected its transmission capacity throughout the country.”

“I have approved a 30-day plan to go to a regime of rational distribution of electricity, which allows balancing the generation process, secure transmission, service, and consumption throughout the country,” he said.

#ENVIVO | Presidente de #Venezuela@NicolasMaduroinforma avances en la recuperación del Sistema Eléctrico Nacional.— teleSUR TV (@teleSURtv) 1 avril 2019

The Venezuelan government asserted that the recent attack on the electrical system was stronger this time and that the authorities were investigating its capacity to cause damage.

“We are investigating infiltration elements within the electric supply that may be serving as moles to cause damage from the inside,” he said.

Pdte. @NicolasMaduroinforma que desde el 7 de marzo el SEN ha sufrido una serie de ataques cibernéticos “Inmediatamente comenzamos los trabajos de recuperación con científicos, ingenieros y hackers para liberar el cerebro del SEN que fue penetrado por virus desde— Cancillería Venezuela ���� (@CancilleriaVE)1 avril 2019

In addition, the Venezuelan leader denounced that on March 25 a new stage of attacks against the country’s electrical system began while the Revolutionary Government conducted the restitution of the service.

“On March 29, the attack on the transmission lines combined electromagnetic elements and infiltration elements in Corpoelec (state electricity) that are currently being examined,” he declared.

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Presidente @NicolasMaduro: Hago un llamado a todo el pueblo venezolano a defender la paz en cada rincón del país. Vamos a reponer todo el sistema eléctrico de estos ataques del imperialismo sin dejarnos robar la— MIPPCI (@Mippcivzla)1 avril 2019

On the other hand, President Maduro reiterated that the suspension of school activities continues, but foresees that they will be starting again between Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

He also highlighted the establishment of the daily working hours until 2:00 pm (local time) in public and private institutions. “We will guarantee public transport to maintain the working pace,” he said.

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