López Obrador will not attend Biden’s summit and defends Cuba

Mexico City, Jun 6 (Prensa Latina) The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, confirmed that he will not attend the Summit of the Americas, defended Cuba, criticized the blockade and the exclusion practiced by Joe Biden.

The meeting may be a failure, but they are responsible for their closed-minded policy and, in particular, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Upper House, who has opposed everything and uses the politics of hatred against his country of origin, he denounced.

He also reported that he will go in July to visit Biden to deal with all the transcendental issues regarding a real integration of the entire American continent similar to what the Europeans did with their union, and other unavoidable matters.

He said that he will be represented by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and the main reason for his non-attendance is that not all the countries of the continent were invited, so it will no longer be a Summit of the Americas.

He insisted that he believes in the need to change the policy that has been imposed for centuries in the hemisphere, the exclusion, the desire to dominate without any reason, the lack of respect for the sovereignty of the countries, the independence of each one, and thus there cannot be a Summit of the Americas, for that all the countries of the continent have to participate.

There could be, but not of the Americas, anything else because it would continue with the old policy of interventionism and disrespect for nations and their peoples.

Everything has to do with the powerful part of the Cuban community in Florida, which from my point of view acts with hatred, does not want the brotherhood of the peoples nor of their own, and makes an admirable and dignified people like that of Cuba suffer a lot, he affirmed.

It is not possible, he said, for a government to depend on a single person like Bob Menendez, who, because of his position in the Senate, can break the 50-50 tie in the balance of representation in that chamber.

If we depend on a lord of grudges and hatreds and forget our people, then we are acting in a sectarian manner, trafficking with the pain of the people, taking advantage, he said.


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