López Obrador thanks Cuban doctors for their assistance in Acapulco

Mexico, Oct 31 (Prensa Latina) President Andrés Manuel López Obrador thanked the Government and people of Cuba for sending doctors to support the health emergency in Acapulco due to Hurricane Otis.

At his morning press conference at the National Palace, he addressed the issue in response to one of the journalists’ questions about the health situation in the areas affected by the powerful hurricane, which devastated the port city and the coast.

The head of State noted that Cuba sent 35 physicians to support them, in addition to offering doctors from the brigades working in Mexico as part of the IMSS-Bienestar Plan.

Secretary of the Interior Luisa María Alcalde said that as of Tuesday, 1,048 medical professionals had arrived in Acapulco to attend to the emergency, in addition to other types of aid provided by other governments through the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs.

It was reported that a large caravan with health brigades and tons of supplies from Mexico City arrived in Acapulco on Tuesday to reinforce the care of the victims of Hurricane Otis.

The General Directorate of Epidemiology at the Secretariat of Health pointed out that the caravan arrived in the port of Acapulco with more than 30,000 consumables to treat diarrheal diseases, chronic and respiratory infections, as well as 35 health professionals, including operators, medical personnel, nurses and health promoters, as well as four mobile units and nine brigade vehicles.

It added that these medical and operational personnel are in addition to more than 800 workers and 26 brigades from the Secretariat of Health that have been working since the first hours after the impact of Hurricane Otis, on October 25, on the coast of the state of Guerrero.


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