Lopez Obrador thanks Cuba for support for Mexico’s healthcare system

Mexico City, May 23 (Prensa Latina) Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador thanked Cuba again on Tuesday for its collaboration in the renovation of the national healthcare system, in which its experts are working.

At the beginning of his morning press conference at the National Palace, dedicated as every Tuesday to health care, the President informed that there are already more than 700 Cuban specialists in the IMSS-Bienestar Plan led by the director of the Mexican Social Security Institute, Zoe Robledo.

He added that in addition to this contingent, they are still calling all doctors, retired or not, who wish to join the plan, because there is enough work and we want to leave the new system working before the end of our term in office.

What is being reformed and created in the healthcare sector is for all Mexicans, so that the hospitals work all day and night every day and nationwide, no matter how remote the place may be, and not only in the first level of care, but in all the healthcare centers, hospitals, polyclinics and we are making progress in this plan.

The President referred to Cuba’s collaboration precisely today, May 23, when the contingent stationed in Mexico celebrates the 60th anniversary of Cuba’s international medical collaboration promoted by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro, at a main event to be held in the afternoon in the state of Morelos.

Once again, Lopez Obrador accused the neoliberal governments that left the Mexican healthcare system in neglect for 36 years, a period during which they left the country without specialists because they did not train them in medical schools, which is why there are no cardiologists or pediatricians in Mexico.

He insisted that a new comprehensive and universal system is being built with free medical care and medicines for all Mexicans, because this is an inviolable human right, and noted that cash registers must be removed from the public healthcare network.


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