Lopez Obrador reveals false set-up in Mexico against Cuban doctors


Mexico City, May 25 (Prensa Latina) President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador today denied a press montage about Cuban doctors as part of a campaign against government decisions on health matters.

He made the accusation in the section Who’s Who in Lies, hosted by journalist Ana Elizabeth Garcia Vilchis, against whom the mainstream media also focus their attacks.

He denounced the criticisms, disqualifications, racism and xenophobia against Cuban doctors and clarified that it is only that group because Mexicans understand and know that other countries have recognized them as in Italy or Andorra for their professional and human quality.

Garcia Vilchis, on the other hand, gave details of the photo-report: an alleged hospital in Mexico where “Mexican” doctors appear against Cubans which, in reality, is a demonstration in Ecuador where the doctors asked the people during the Covid-19 pandemic “Don’t go out, stay at home!

The President said that the Mexican political opposition and certain private groups are against free medical care and medicines and with the decision to cover part of the deficit of specialists by hiring foreigners.

He denounced that these media, such as the newspaper La Reforma -the most radical of the ultra-right-wing , Impacto magazine and others with large advertising revenues, do not write a single line in favor of the Government and are the main ones in spreading fake news.

He described these smear campaigns as a “dirty war” against his executive.

On numerous occasions, Lopez Obrador has revealed the income that newspapers such as Reforma, El Financiero, El Universal, Proceso magazine and many others received from other governments.

The Mexican leader said that some of these media are like the Summit of the Americas where they invite representatives who are not even known from which continent, that is to say, they may be supposedly progressive, but they have right-wing citizens inside.

It is important not to “imperialize” the notes or manipulate the information, he urged.


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