Lopez Obrador: Miguel Diaz-Canel is a man of integrity and principles

Mexico, May 26 (Prensa Latina) I think that Miguel Diaz-Canel is a man of integrity and principles, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador noted on Thursday when referring to the Summit of the Americas convened by the United States.

In his daily press conference at the National Palace, he said that probably tomorrow at the morning conference, which will be held in Sinaloa, he will announce his government’s stance regarding the meeting in Los Angeles, called by US President Joe Biden.

He did not elaborate because, he said, details are being assessed, and reiterated his criterion that whoever does not want to go, should not go, but that everyone should be invited, that no one should be excluded.

The Mexican head of State pointed out that the invitation from the White House had already arrived, although with a delayed date of five days, which he was going to investigate.

He repeated that it could be that tomorrow he could address the issue, and immediately expressed that he wanted to announce that he has a very good relationship with the government of Joe Biden and with the president of Cuba, and I consider that Miguel Diaz-Canel is a man of integrity and with principles. It is what I can say.

The Cuban president informed on Wednesday that he would not attend the summit in Los Angeles anyway, but that, as always, Cuba’s voice would be heard there.


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