Lincoln University delegation returns from Cuba

JEFFERSON CITY, MO — A 5-member delegation from Lincoln University has returned from a mission to Cuba.

Lincoln University President Dr. Kevin Rome said his delegation is laying the groundwork for new agricultural research opportunities, as well as faculty and student exchange programs.

Lincoln University was the only university included in the nation’s first state-led delegation to Cuba. The trip followed the announcement of plans to normalize diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States. President Rome was joined by other school administrators during their 4-day trip.

Rome said, “It was so educational and eye opening. I learned so much. There were so many misconceptions that I had about the country and the environment. I think it was very successful for those who attended.”

During the trade mission, president Rome and members of the delegation met with Cuban government officials, including ministers who oversee trade, agriculture, economic development and education. Rome said the delegation gathered good information during their visit, but there is still much work to be done.

Rome said, “I think there are a lot of infrastructure issues in the country that need to be addressed. Maybe they haven’t had the resources to do it. When it comes to collaborating with the United States, I think there are a lot of opportunities there.”

The Missouri delegation to Cuba also included First Lady Georganne Nixon, Missouri Agriculture Director Richard Fordyce and Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst. Governor Jay Nixon said he is committed to making sure Missouri farm families are first in line for the tremendous benefits expanded trade with Cuba will bring.

The Missouri delegation to Cuba also included leading members of our state’s agriculture community representing a variety of crops and agricultural products.

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