Letter: Cuba-US: We continue to appear in new lists

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Dr Néstor García Iturbe

Published in Carribean News Now!  November 15, 2017

Dear Sir:

The Trump administration, at the head of the United States government, has just included Cuba in three new lists.

That is part of the policy change, which Trump announced when he met in the city of Miami with a group of “stale Batistianos, annexationists and terrorists” as our minister of foreign affairs, Bruno Rodríguez, described them in his recent speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations.

One of the lists – that of the Department of State – refers to different Cuban entities with which US citizens will not be able to carry out financial transactions. This list is headed by the ministry of the armed forces, the ministry of the interior, the police and other organs of state security. They also include a series of hotels and other entities that supposedly belong to the security forces of the Cuban government.

This measure has been shaped by the main interest of trying to impede the travel of US citizens to Cuba, but what it establishes is unconstitutional, within the so-called freedoms that American citizens have proclaimed, as well as being irrational.

For example, if a US citizen commits a traffic infraction, he has to pay a fine to the police; in doing so he is violating a regulation of his government and could be incriminated for this.

It is irrational and ridiculous to include in the ban two brands of soft drinks made in Cuba. The so-called “individual freedoms” of the American are torn apart again when the government regulates them up to the brand of refreshment that can be taken.

To continue issuing regulations, the Trump administration will establish the type of toilet paper that Americans should use in Cuba. It is possible that even that will be regulated for Americans. That is the so-called “democracy”, and a sample of the “freedom” that prevails in a capitalist society.

The other lists, also regulating what a US citizen can do or not do, have the same aim, try to affect the relations between the Cuban people and the American people, the contacts that are established between visitor and visited and, to the greatest extent possible, prevent these contacts.

In general, Americans who have traveled to Cuba are kind, respectful and interested in knowing the truth of what is happening on the island and that is the danger that the enemies of our country are contemplating.

Those who return from Cuba speak with honesty of our people, of the advances of the revolution and of the situation in which we live, which is always much better than the image disclosed by the enemies and the Miami mafia.

What kind of regime is Trump creating?

It is not only trying to reverse the progress in relations with Cuba that was achieved during the Obama administration. The violations to the constitution of the United States, and to the liberties proclaimed therein, are directed to creating a repressive, discriminatory regime of terror, comparable to the one existing at the time of the peak of McCarthyism.

Perhaps that is the true meaning of his motto “Let’s make America great again”.

Dr Néstor García Iturbe

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