Lebanon’s Islamic Action Front reaffirms solidarity with Cuba

Beirut, Jan 26 (Prensa Latina) On Thursday, Lebanon’s Islamic Action Front Secretary General Othman Al Juayd reaffirmed his solidarity with Cuba in its struggle against the economic, financial, and commercial blockade imposed by the United States.

In a meeting with Jorge León, Head of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Beirut, Al Juayd reiterated their support to the Caribbean nation in its fight against the hegemonic imperialist policies, detrimental to the freedom, independence, and sovereignty of the peoples.

León also reiterated the Front’s commitment of resistance, as the only way to confront the Israeli enemy and neutralize the imperialist strategy of dividing to conquer.

In this sense, he considered as vital, to support the union of the peoples and their anti-imperialist governments in order to achieve freedom, progress and happiness of their states.

Upon welcoming Otham, the Cuban diplomat thanked the solidarity and firmness of the Islamic Action Front towards the resistance of the Caribbean people for more than 60 years of sanctions and pressures by the US administrations.

Directors of the Sharif Tutu Front, Walid Alama, and Fouad Sharaf also attended the activity at the headquarters of the Cuban embassy in Beirut.


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