Lebanon reaffirms support for Cuba in the face of the U.S. blockade

Beirut, Sep 29 (Prensa Latina) The Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Lebanon reaffirmed the organization’s support for Cuba in the face of the blockade, hegemonic policies and arrogance of the United States.

In a meeting at the Cuban diplomatic mission here, a delegation of the leadership of the political force highlighted Cuba’s firmness in the face of the sanctions and considered that its confrontation with other countries to the hegemony laid the foundations for the collapse of unilateralism.

Composed by the head of Foreign Relations, Ghassan Ghosn; the head of Media, Maan Hamiya, and the member of the Supreme Council, Boutros Saadeh, the collective condemned the attack on the Cuban Embassy in Washington.

In this regard, members of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party described the event against the Cuban mission as a terrorist act and held the U.S. administration responsible for the aggression. On the occasion, the head of the Cuban embassy in Beirut, Jorge León, reiterated his country’s firm position towards Palestine, considering it a just and legitimate cause for the freedom of its land. Leon said that Cuba accompanies Syria in the battle against terrorism and denounced the U.S. blockade and the theft of wealth from the sister nation.

At the same time, the diplomat expressed Cuba’s interest in the stability and prosperity of Lebanon and wished the election of a president of the Republic as soon as possible to improve the stability and prosperity of this country.

At the meeting, the parties reviewed general political issues, as well as the historical relationship between Cuba and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, and ways to deepen ties at all levels.


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