Laureate Cuban Choreographer Irene Rodríguez Multiplies Creations

Havana, Mar 3 (Prensa Latina) Cuban ballerina Irene Rodríguez, winner of the Iberoamerican Prize of Choreography 2012, will put several new creations on stage in the Marti Theater of this capital on March 6, 7 and 8, confirmed the artista and company director today.

Rodriguez will use all her company in Aldabal, a term announcing a place with a lot of knockers and thus, with numerous doors.

In statements exclusive for Prensa Latina, the dance creator expressed her satisfaction because each spectator interprets as he likes the use of doors, as she does not want to impose interpretations of her own.

She can only assure this production takes the breath out of dancers because of its rhythmic intensity and the enormous demand for virtuousity.

Rodriguez also had to do with the clothing design and escenography, while guitar player Noel Gutierrez composed the electroaccoustic music.

The debut and only previous performance of this production occurred at the 24th International Ballet Festival in Havana, last November, and as the theme will dominate the next concert, the ballerina titled the show: Between those doors.

This title has also to do with the Theater Marti, also known as the theater of a hundred doors.

The company Irene Rodriguez is in its third year since it was founded. Among its recent awards it exhibits a distinction in the United States for its performance in the Los Angeles Latin American Museum of Art.

Figures as the prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso and famous pianist Frank Fernandez have shared projects with Rodriguez, who is now about to receive a Phd at the High Institute of Art (ISA)


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