Laura de la Uz Will Receive Special Award Caricato for Reality Show

laura-delauzshow[1]Havana, Feb 3 (Prensa Latina) The versatile Cuban actress Laura de la Uz will receive a special award Caricato for her play Reality Show, her most recent and transgressive adventure on stage.

Winner of the most important national award for performance, De la Uz has already several Caricatos for the movies Madagascar (1995), El Cuerno de la Abundancia (2008) and La Película de Ana (2012), as well as the plays La Boda (1997) and Delirio Habanero (2006).

This time the Association of Scenic Arts of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba recognizes the brilliant idea that she brought on stage in the Mella theater, during the Ellas Crean festival.

It is about, as its title suggests, one day in her life, narrated in real time, combining performance and audio-visual, with revelations on the history of the Cuban music.

What was supposed to be a one time thing was so successful that she was forced to repeat the show during the past Festival of New Latin American Cinema.

In fact, many people questioned that this year she will not win her third Coral award in the above mentioned cinema event, since she excelled herself in the movies La Pared de las Palabras and Vestido de Novia.

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