Latin American Congress on Food Science and Technology Starts in Cuba

Moros y christianos, the traditional Cuban meal with rice and black beans. (Photo: Archive)

Researchers, chefs, artists, cinema directors and gastronomy journalists will attend the event.

The 6th Congress of Latin America and the Caribbean on food science and technology is taking place in Havana, the Cuban capital, from this Monday to Friday September 22.

Researchers, cooks, artists, cinema directors and gastronomy journalists will attend this event organized by several institutions, including the Association for Science and Technology of Food of Cuba (ACTAC), which will be celebrating its 20 years.

They will discuss issues “the food culture in science, gastronomy and audiovisual mass-media,” also the event’s motto, said the organizational committee in a statement. The congress aims to facilitate the collaboration between the technology and science, gastronomic tourism and culture sectors, and study the current trends in these areas.

As part of this meeting, an Latin American and Caribbean Exhibition-Fair for Food Industry (SIAL-CUBA 2014) will take place over the week, and count on the participation of national and foreign companies of processed food and equipment, Cuban restaurants, and academic health institutions.

According to the head of the organizational committee and president of the ACTAC, Jesus G. Yañez, the congress will be “an unforgettable opportunity.”

telesur, September 15, 2014

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