Latin America Interested in Cuban Prevention Program

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 26 (acn) The experiences of the National Program of Prevention of Unintentional Injuries in Cuba are of interest for Latin American countries, expressed on Wednesday in this capital Begoña Arellano Pastor, representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

There are organizations in the region following very closely the results of their implementation since they lack initiatives of this kind, commented the specialist of Spanish origin to ACN in an exclusive interview.

She mentioned reports by regional delegations of UNICEF on the need to introduce them, particularly in the Central American area.

With two years of services in Havana, she described as innovative the local strategies to prevent and promote safety on public highways at schools, among them Thematic Parks of Education, and the participation in campaigns of minors in order to save lives, reduce disabilities and other harmful consequences.

Begoña Pastor addressed participants on Wednesday in a meeting of experts held at the Habana Panorama Hotel, on assessments of the aforementioned program aimed at counteracting the effects of unintentional accidents.

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