Las Tunas Theme Park: Constructive Work Continues

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The completion of the labyrinth of the Theme Park is one of the priorities of the landscaping work developed by the Communal Services Enterprise in this eastern province.

The project is made up of 12 blocks, linearly planted, and considered by specialists one of the largest in the Latin American region.
Esteban Rojas, deputy director of Flowers and Plants of Communal Services in the territory, told Tiempo21 that 28,000 plants has already been sowed in the labyrinth , including a great variety of species such as figs, ixora and croton, among others.
We are actually working on the growth of the plants, which must reach 1.50 meters high, to comply with the approved project and its purpose.
Its conclusion would contribute to the intensive plan carried out by the Communal Services Enterprise in the restoration and improvement of green areas in parks and free spaces in the eight municipalities.
The first stage of the park already works, in its accesses it has equipment for sports practicing, a restaurant, an area to enjoy picnics and a mirror-still water.

Sheyla Arteaga Rodríguez/ Tiempo 21,

June 2, 2017

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