Large International Attendance in Radio and Television Convention, Cuba 2014

expo_feria_radioTV[1]HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 21 (acn) More than 120 foreign exhibitors from 17 nations participate in the 1st Radio and Television Convention, Cuba 2014, an event that is emerging as a common forum for exchange among various media throughout the world.

With an extensive call, the event receives this year to Angola and Iran, two countries that premiere their professional experiences in generating different contents for information consumers.

HispanTV channel, broadcasting from the heart of the Middle East, visits Cuba for the first time and aims to strengthen cultural ties through this conclave and enhance the approach with other Spanish-speaking countries.

Narges Mohammadi, Director of Public Relations and International Affairs, told ACN that they are an alternative network oriented towards counteroffensive against cultural monopolies and programmed for a global audience.

We want to make known what is happening in Iran and the world through our communicative products, so we have about 50 correspondents in various parts of the world and we intend to make contacts at this convention to establish one representation of our here in Cuba, he said.

Meanwhile, Carlos André Gregorio, Angola National Radio executive manager, noted they have expectations to observe, gain experience and pass on their knowledge to other organs of social communication.

We have contacted several colleagues of Cuban and Venezuelan stations interested in discussing the musical realization in our environment, he added.

Although this time we are only observing and participating as exhibitors, we hope in the next edition to present some lectures and interesting projects, he stated.

The First International Radio & TV Convention will continue until October 24 at the Conventions Palace in Havana, with the participation of about 600 delegates from 27 countries.

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