La Jornada calls for President Joe Biden to lift U.S. blockade

Mexico City, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) Mexico’s La Jornada newspaper on Sunday echoed a demand by U.S. activists to President Joe Biden to temporarily lift the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba.

Americans are asking President Biden to enable Cuba to receive necessary building materials following the passage of Hurricane Ian, which left serious material damages and two deaths.

The campaign is led by The People’s Forum Movement, based in New York, which made the request to President Biden in a leaflet included in the Sunday edition of The New York Times to set aside all policies against Cuba for “at least six months”, because “the Cuban people are part of our family, the human family”.

“The United States loses nothing by being a good neighbor and allowing Cuba to fully recover from this tragic moment,” the Mexican newspaper reported.

Complainants remind Biden that the same natural event that ravaged Florida and Carolina made also landfall on Tuesday in Cuba, and stressed that over 50,000 houses have been devastated or damaged; leaving considerable damages in U.S. territory.

It is inconceivable that at this critical moment the US blockade is being kept and a collective punishment is applied to an entire people precluding their government from receiving building materials or being aided.

The non-governmental organization added that the Joe Biden administration must act and pointed out that, despite the fact that the U.S. embassy in Havana has assured the law authorizes U.S. entities and organizations to provide aid and response in case of catastrophe, “it has been proved that it is not so easy”.


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