Key Issues on Debate at Congress on Economics in Cuba

Havana, Oct 4.- Participants in the 1st International Congress on Economics, Accounting and Administration being held at the Habana Libre Tryp Hotel on Saturday are debating key issues at the second and last session of the event.

The meeting, held on October 3-4, is attended by 200 Cuban and foreign experts who are analyzing the main topic of the event: Growth and Sustainable Development in the Global Context.

The meeting opened on Friday at the Main Lecture Hall of the University of Havana, where Uruguayan Economy Minister Mario Vergara gave a master lecture.

Among the main objectives of the meeting are sharing criteria among experts on today’s economy, accounting and administration, as well as their international approaches.

The topics for debate include: Growth and Economic Policies for Development, Global Value Chains and Integration, Bank and Finance in the International Context, Management and Entrepreneurial Networks, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

Other issues on the meeting’s agenda are Accounting, Audits and Social Responsibility, Cooperatives, Local Development and Solidarity Economy, Economy and Environmental Management, and Economy and Gender Equality.

Participants are also attending the International Conference on Economics and Administration, sponsored by the University of Havana and the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany. (Prensa Latina)

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