Journalist Arnold August condemns subversion attempts in Cuba

Journalist Arnold August condemns subversion attempts in Cuba

Ottawa, Oct 22 (Prensa Latina) Canadian journalist Arnold August on Saturday condemned new subversion attempts in Cuba, after calls for demonstrations declared illegal as part of the ‘color revolution’ they are trying to promote.

According to August, who has written several books on Cuba-US relations, the calls to take to the streets in Cuba on November 15 are a follow-on of riots conducted in July, because those who call people now were also deeply involved in those events.

August explained -through an article on The Canada Files (goal-oriented to international political issues)- the reasons why protests are illegal from a legal standview since these ignore the limits of the constitutional rights.

According to August, the media that represent the interests of those who were denied permission to demonstrate, call down self-righteous statements because (to them) safeguarding socialism should not be a precondition for protest.

August compared Cuban legislation with that of the United States and noted that even though the US Constitution does not set down explicitly about the protection of the capitalist system, it does lay down on ‘guaranteeing national calm.’

Does the latter mean that nothing can change or challenge the capitalist status quo?, August wondered, while saying that the history of the United States is based on repression of the uprisings of indigenous people, African Americans, workers and young people against capitalism and imperialism.

If we were to extrapolate ‘domestic calm’ to the right of capitalism to work in peace, the conclusion would be unavoidable: in practice, for the white supremacist elite in the US, freedom of expression and the right of gathering are tolerated as long as the capitalist-imperialist status quo is not challenged, August asserted.

The Cuban government underlined the subversive nature and alignment with the interests of the United States of those calls to demonstrate that violate articles 4 and 45 of the Cuban Constitution, endorsed in 2019 by over 86 percent of citizens.


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