Jazz Vila, from Cuban theater to the US cinema

Havana, May 31 (Prensa Latina) Cuban actor and theater director Jazz Vila gave the boost he needed to reach the cinema today with the film adaptation of the staging of his play “Farandula”, co-produced with Alin Entertainment.

With success as a guarantee, Jazz Vila Proyects joined forces with that company and both resulted in a film.

In an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina, the artist expressed the excitement he felt before the film’s premiere in New York.

More than the expectation of presenting my opera prima in that American city, Hollywood, I was eager to turn “Farandula” into a film production, he said.

The idea was born in Cuba as a play and now it became something more global to be enjoyed everywhere through cinema, he added.

Vila defined his accomplishment as a great happiness and sense of gratitude for the fact of transferring this production, an 80-minute comedy, to the big screen.

The filmmaker told Prensa Latina the plot of this feature film, based on the life of a photographer who seeks to dispel in religion some doubts about a man lover, who is undocumented.

My character on the big screen has his faith and in addition to those beliefs, he bases his strength on moving forward, carrying on his back the torment for that lover that leads him to create an exhibition with the help of his best friend, Dr. Elena, Vila said.


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