Japanese Ambassador Highlights Medical Exchange with Cuba

Havana, Cuba, Jul 24.- Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Sato highlighted today the medical exchange between Tokyo and Havana during a simposium of Medicine held in this capital.The diplomat told Prensa Latina that the two nations have common points like the high level of Medicine, a high aging of the population and a low natality rate, and therefore, sharing experiences and views for the future is very valuable.

“There are several fields of exchange between Japan and Cuba, but the medical field is very important,” said Sato during the scientific simposium on molecular images in the study of the brain, held in the National Hotel, attended by experts from both countries.

The Japanese ambassador said that besides Medicine, Cuba and Japan have a long history of exchanges in politics, economy and business, as well as in sports like baseball, judo and other martial arts, music and the academic sector.

Meanwhile, Cuban Ambassador to Tokyo, Marcos Rodriguez, recalled before the audience that Japan is one of the main medical powers in the planet, with great development in spearhead technologies and know-how accumulated for decades by their professionals.

He said that thanks to the Revolution of January, 1959, Cuba reached high development levels of excellence in public healthm also dignified by the humanistic training of its professionals, who are present in all continents as part of medical collaboration programs.

Rodriguez added that this simposium to exchange scientific knowledges and experiences will contribute to enrich medical sciences in both countries and achieve more wellbeing for their people.

The simposium is part of activities in both nations to mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Japanese to Cuba, Samurai hasekura Tsunenaga, who left Japan in late 1613 to head for Europe and, after a brief stay in Mexico, he landed in Havana on July 23, 1614.(Prensa Latina)


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