Jamaica’s Health System will have more Collaborators from Cuba

Havana, Aug 6 (Prensa Latina) Jamaica’s health system will have more collaborators from Cuba, a country that has been helping in this field since 1976 and today has more than 200 doctors in that Caribbean nation.

José Armando Afronte, head of the medical mission there, explained that some 290 Cuban health professionals will join the brigade that provides its services in Jamaica, at the request of the people themselves.

Recently -Afronte explained- the ministries of Health of both countries conducted an examination of professionals from the largest of the Antilles and chose who will join the task that began in 1976 with 14 doctors.

At the moment about 259 employees are providing their services there, such as doctors, nurses, technologists and electromedical engineering, said Afronte quoted by Granma newspaper.

About 18 of them are part of the Miracle Mission, thanks to which more than 16 thousand operations were carried out that allowed improving the quality or returning the vision to an important part of the inhabitants, said Afronte.

The accumulated history of Cuban medical cooperation in Jamaica until May 2019 accounts for one million 447 thousand 015 patients consulted, including 261 thousand 350 cases of children, 30 thousand 761 surgical interventions performed and 73 thousand 331 doses of vaccines applied.


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