Italians back Cuba in the face of destabilization attempts

Rome, Jul 11 (Prensa Latina) The National Italy-Cuba Friendship expressed here on Sunday its full solidarity with the Cuban Government and people in the face of attempts, generated by an intensified political and media campaign from the US to destabilize the island.

In a press release, the Association expressed concern ‘for the provocations carried out by counterrevolutionary individuals manipulated from abroad’.

Likewise, it reiterated its support for the struggle ‘against the genocidal blockade that seeks, more and more, to suffocate the economy and the welfare of all the people’, especially at this hard junction of the pandemic, ‘depriving Cuba of any possibility of acquiring medicines, instruments and indispensable foodstuffs’.

In this sense, it considered it fundamental to reinforce friendship with Cuba and the struggle against the blockade. ‘Cuba is not alone! Long live International Solidarity! Until victory always,’ concluded the statement.


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