It is time to help Cuba, Peruvian poet laureate says

Lima, Aug 17 (Prensa Latina) Peru should follow the example of Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico and send medical material and medicines to Cuba for the fight against Covid-19, Peruvian poet Hildebrando Perez said.

At a virtual tribute for the recent birthday of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, Perez said that ‘pronouncements and condemnations alone are not enough, even UN resolutions against the US blockade are not enough.’

‘It is time for Peru, like Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia, to break the blockade, defying the empire, and send needles, masks and other pharmacological products to fight the coronavirus,’ he said.

Mr. Perez, winner of the Casa de las Americas award, said at the tribute that Fidel Castro is ‘Marti’s mirror in the history of our America.’

‘He is one of the most remarkable figures of the 20th century because he knew how to embody, in a victorious way, the nobility, courage, resilience and dignity of the Cuban people,’ he added.

The National Coordinator of Peru-Cuba Solidarity, the Association of Peruvian Professionals Graduated in Cuba and the Association of Cuban Residents in Peru ‘Raices Mambisas’, recently sent a first shipment of syringes for vaccination against Covid-19 to Cuba, acquired through a citizen collection.


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