Iranian Lawmakers Condemn US Blockade Against Cuba

Tehran, June 17 (Prensa Latina) Iran´s Interparliamentary Friendship Group with Cuba has condemned the hardening of the US criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba through new sanctions.

‘We repudiate the US economic siege against the Cuban government and its people, including those hegemonic policies of Washington,’ the legislative group stressed in a statement.

After highlighting that the US economic siege against Cuba causes great material and human damage, the text called on all the responsible parliaments worldwide to use their capacities to counteract the US destabilizing and unilateral actions against Cuba.

The Group pointed out, in that context, that the US expansionist and inhumane policies against Cuba go against international law.

This Iranian organization added that they are confident in the Cuban government and its people will defend firmly and proud their independence and national sovereignty ahead of the intensified blockade.

As part of the unfair siege against Cuba, the US administration recently activated title III of the Helms-Burton Act, considered a legal monstrosity, which allows, among other actions, legal actions against Cuban and foreign entities outside the jurisdiction of the United States.


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