Int’l Tourism Is Growing in the City of Camagüey

Camaguey, Jun 3 .- During the last winter season, the number of foreigners visiting tourist facilities in the city of Camagüey significantly grew, as a reflection of the tourism development that this city has been achieving.

Such a rise shows the wonderful acceptance by visitors of hotels La Avellaneda, Camino de Hierro, El Marqués and Santa Maria. All rooms have already been built in the latter hotel, and elevators will be installed soon in a bid to improve the comfort of this building.

Leonor Sabido Bonito, a specialist in marketing and business management at Complejo Cubanacán Ciudad, said that La Sevillana hotel will be opened in the weeks ahead. This new facility is located on Cisneros street, and its central theme will be the Spanish Culture.

The tourists’ main countries of origins are Canada and other European countries. These customers have reflected on surveys to be satisfied with the quality of their services there, the professionalism of their employees and the comfort of these facilities.

Cubanacán hotel group in the city of Camagüey includes in its offerings to show the Cuban culture to their customers in their facilities. (Juan Mendoza Medina/Radio Cadena Agramonte).

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