Int’l Convention and Fair, Informatica 2022, kicks off in Cuba

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Havana, Mar 21 (Prensa Latina) The 18th International Convention and Fair, Informatica 2022, taking place from this Monday to March 25 in Havana, aims to join efforts in pursuit of digital transformation.

Participants could attend the Havana Conference Center and Fevexpo, Cuba’s first platform for virtual meetings, not only in the spaces designed for the scientific debate, but also the exhibition fair, organizers said.

Magda Brito, Executive General Secretary of the Organizing Committee, told reporters that the event includes more than 270 national and foreign papers from more than 14 countries, among them Mexico, Spain, China, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and France.

Brito also announced that 48 keynote speeches, eight of them master lectures, will be held on topics related to artificial intelligence, free software and digitalization as an economic and social pillar.

One of the major objectives of the meeting, she said, lies in the promotion of the national industry of computer applications and services and its capabilities, as well as the integration with the non-state forms of management.

Nine events related to issues such as telecommunications, cybersecurity, software industry, electronics, robotics and computer sciences are expected to be held during this edition.


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