Internet Jury of the First Convention of Radio and Television, Cuba 2014

1412284130concurso_radio_slider[1]The Internet Jury of the First Convention of Radio and Television, Cuba 2014, meets in Havana prior to the audiovisual event, which meet in the Palace of Conventions – 19 to 24 – from October to the world’s best images and sound in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

The team now evaluates websites, blog, and registered media works in the contest of the Radio Festival consists Livia Reyes Ramirez, Director of Information Center Press (CIP), Maria Salome Campanioni Specialist Address Information and Propaganda of the Cuban Radio, Yurisander Guevara, Chief Editor of the web page Juventud Rebelde, Rafael Arzuaga, site editor CubaDebate and Manuel Alfredo Martinez, SEO Portal of the Cuban Radio.

Fifty digital platforms involved in this contest that awards two prizes for best website and Blog site and / or multimedia work, according dictates the call.

Livia Reyes Ramirez, director of the Information Center for the Press, told the Portal of the Cuban Radio that this is a contest of great importance because it evaluates the work of the subsystem of the Cuban Radio in the Internet world and the challenges are imposed for multiple platforms that defend and position the image of Cuba from newsrooms converge from its radio programming.

Under the slogan “Influence of radio and television products in high demand in the formation of values and the defense of peace,” he will meet in late October the First Convention of Radio and Television, which has among its goals to devote large areas to young creators.

The First Convention of Radio and Television, Cuba 2014, is the first event of its kind in the world, at the confluence and public television stations, according to exclusive Radio Portal, its organizing committee for this event are expected to attend major radio and television about 27 countries and about 350 Cuban specialists, all related to the radial and audiovisual media.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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