International University Convention Closes in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Apr 26 (Prensa Latina) The First International Convention on Science and Conscience of the University of Oriente (UO) closes on Friday in Santiago de Cuba after a four-day session with academics from Latin American and European countries.

The event focused on issues related to sustainable development and the environment, and updated scientific research and university management in its projection and impact on society and particularly on communities.

The conference on cultural landscapes and heritage assets by the Director of the City Conservator’s Office and National Architecture Award, Omar Lopez, was highlighted in the program.

It was also important the presentation of the application through which the University of Oriente requests the assessment for its declaration as a National Monument by the National Council of Cultural Heritage, considering the historical and architectural values of its buildings and its legacy in professional training.

The UO is the second higher education institution founded in Cuba, with more than 70 years in history and has become the mother of higher education in the East of the country, graduating thousands of talented young Cubans and other nations from five continents.

The convention is part of the international projection of the institution, which includes 27 research networks and agreements with 39 countries from different latitudes, among which highlights the one held with the Flemish University Council (VLIR) of Belgium.


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