International support for peace in Venezuela

Caracas, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) Carlos Ron, deputy minister for North America at the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that the country currently enjoys vast international support because it has proven to be a nation of peace.

‘The protests against unilateral coercive measures have had a worldwide impact, because Venezuela proves to be a country that works for peace, diplomacy and social welfare,’ the Bolivarian official told Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

He highlighted the scope of the mobilizations to reject the President Donald Trump’s latest attacks, which show the firmness and independence of the countries that support this South American nation against the aggressions of the White House.

In the face of any battle, we will always opt for diplomacy and peace, the deputy minister assured, and stressed that the majority of the US people reject the position of his government, as demonstrated in the resistance to the siege against Venezuela’s diplomatic headquarters in Washington.

‘The policy exercised by Trump in his aggression against the peoples of the world, charged with supremacy, racism and xenophobia, is what leads nations to unite in support of the government of President Nicolas Maduro, who continues to stand firm (…) fighting battles to strengthen the Bolivarian Revolution,’ he said.

Ron also assured that in the next session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the attacks on the principles of peace and diplomacy will be debated, and some of the invited countries will support the letter that will be delivered to the Secretary-General explaining the impact of Washington’s coercive measures against this nation.


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