International Forum in Cuba Expresses Solidarity with Venezuela

Havana, Jan 29 (Prensa Latina) Those attending the 4th International Conference for World Balance expressed Tuesday their solidarity with the Venezuelan Government and people besieged by the United States and neighbors allied to the northern power.

During the second day of the meeting held in Havana’s Convention Palace, representatives of 65 nations supported the struggle led by Venezuela against its adversaries, determined to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution.

When explaining the South American nation’s outlook, Venezuela’s United Socialist Party member Adan Chavez said that since 2016 the United States and its allies have been using the same strategy they implemented in Brazil.

Such ways led Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to the forced removal from power and imprisonment of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, he recalled.

‘We’re not worried, we’re busy,’ Chavez said.

They accuse us of being dictators, but in 19 years of the Bolivarian Revolution we have held 25 elections, five in the last 16 months, and only two were won by the opposition, and we recognized and respected them’, he said.

All the consultations were carried out with adherence to the law and total transparency, an element ratified by international observers, Chavez pointed out.

The Venezuelan opposition is clumsy, they fight among themselves, and only show their political unity when they obey U.S. mandates, said the revolutionary activist.

They repeat again and again the script given to them by Washington, which is based on formulas to encourage military and constitutional coups, Chavez said.

It is pitiful to see how servile governments to the United States of the region have already forgotten that Simon Bolivar’s sword freed them,’ lamented Chavez, who thanked the Venezuelan people and its president, Nicolas Maduro, for their international support.

The 4th International Conference for the World’ Balance is a multidisciplinary and plural forum to foster exchanges of ideas among intellectuals of the most diverse thought trends.

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