International Delegation on the Ground in Venezuela (+Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle)

Caracas, 20/Aug/2019 (Orinoco Tribune).- Last Thursday the Food Sovereignty Delegation that traveled to Venezuela with visitors from the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States, returned home after almost 2 weeks of experiencing on the ground the fight Venezuelans are mounting to defeat the US sanctions and blockade.

Orinoco Tribune had the chance to meet with them and hear first hand their impressions on the delegation, organized by William Camacaro from the Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle in New York, but also on Venezuela and the spirit of the Venezuelan people.


The delegation brought certified seeds to help the organized Venezuelans farming to defeat the blockade and feed Venezuelans, and delivered the seeds in Trujillo and Yaracuy State to farmers. The members of the delegation are:

  • Fra Hughes, Palestine Aid Belfast, Ireland
  • Robert Suberi, Veterans for Peace,USA
  • Jenny Bekenstein, Friends of the Farm Workers Association, USA, Nicaragua
  • Wendy Emmett, Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Communist Party, UK
  • John Brownlee, Independent, USA
  • Dr. Scott Reed, Riverland Farm, USA
  • Dr. Judy Reed, Professor Emeritus Keen State College, USA
  • Stephen Bartlett, US Food Sovereignty Alliance, USA
  • William Camacaro, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle

We documented the impression of two members of the delegation, Wendy Emmet from the UK Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and Stephen Bartlett from the US Food Sovereignty Alliance that awarded a Prize to the grassroot food organization from Venezuela, Plan Pueblo a Pueblo. We apologize for the background noise.

Orinoco Tribune, committed to breaking the media blockade on Venezuela, has decided to increase its multimedia content to that end and soon, you will be enjoying more multimedia interviews directly from Caracas.


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