Interest in visiting Cuba is growing in Latin America, expert said

Bogotá, Apr 10 (Prensa Latina) Interest in Cuba is growing in Latin America, not only as a vacation destination but also for other offers associated with health tourism and event and incentive programs, the tourism counselor at the Cuban embassy in Colombia, Ivis Fernández, told Prensa Latina.

The expert stated that Peru is one of the South American markets they work with, and although there has been progress regarding the growth of trips to Cuba, it still has many potentialities. She highlighted that Peru exhibits an advantage by having direct Lima-Havana flights, with an increase of up to five weekly flights on planes carrying more than 180 passengers.

The diplomat said that Cuba’s upcoming participation in the 6th International Tourism Fair of Colombia will make it easier for Cuba to continue positioning itself in that market and achieve greater growth. “This is a good opportunity because all the country’s tourism professionals meet there, and we are going to have a presentation of the destination to the entire wholesale tour operation, where there will also be the presence of the specialized and non-specialized press until April 12TH”, she highlighted.

Fernández pointed out that Brazil occupies the largest number of seats on the direct Lima-Havana flights. “We also have the challenge of connecting São Paulo via the Boa line, which is flying from Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia; and it has already been announced that the Gol airline will begin to fly from Brazil to Colombia, from where Avianca will begin to operate on daily flights to Cuba at the end of the first semester”, which will allow Brazilians to reach Cuba more easily thanks to Avianca’s daily flights, which are added to the Wingo company’s direct flights from Bogotá to Havana five times a week.

Fernández will participate in the largest tourism fair in Brazil, which will take place in São Paulo between April 15th and 17th. During the event, more than 12 nations have expressed interest in conducting business with Cuba, whose delegation will ease the promotion of these negotiations.

“In the context of this fair, we also have a presentation of the destination in one of its rooms, and the places, which are limited by the number of seats, are filled, and we continue to have demand. The level of demands towards Cuba has been growing from these markets,” the official emphasized.


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