India praises Cuba’s leadership of G77+China Group

United Nations, Sep 23 (Prensa Latina) Indian diplomat Sanjay Verma praised here on Saturday Cuba’s leadership by saying, “we have just concluded a successful G77+China Summit in Havana, so we appreciate Cuba for its efforts to host the Summit and convene such Ministerial Meeting.

In the annual meeting of the G77+China Group headquartered at the United Nations, the secretary for the West of the Indian Foreign Ministry described as paramount the Summit that completed a busy weekly agenda with events, such as the summits of the Sustainable Development Goals, and the High-Level Dialogue on Financing for Development, among others.

Verma underscored the coincidence of the discussions and outcomes at the G77+China Summit with India’s initiatives during its presidency of the G20.

The diplomat highlighted as an innovative achievement of his country’s presidency, the inclusion of the African Union in the category of permanent member, which means the presence of a representative of the Global South within the G20.

Developed countries are expected to meet the climate finance target of USD$100 billion a year for the first time by 2023, he pointed out.

Verma advanced is scheduled to be met by the end of 2024 the New Collective Quantified Target, which he called ambitious, transparent and trackable.


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