Increased Salary in Cuba Under Redistribution Principle

Havana,  (Prensa Latina) The redistribution principle of wealth, which characterizes Cuban socialism, is the main source of the increased salary for millions of Cubans, a senior official said today.

This was said by the Minister of Finance and Prices Meisi Bolaños during the Mesa Redonda TV program, in which President Miguel Díaz-Canel was present as well as the Ministers of Economy, Labor and Social Security.

Bolaños referred to the boosted wage for budgeted sector and also for pensioners, benefitting over 2 700 000 people.

She stressed that the resources to finance it will come from the budget passed for this year, under the redistribution principle.

But this will also involve mechanisms such as savings and revenue collection, she stated.

Bolaños uttered that it will be necessary to reduce budget expenditures at all levels, but without endangering social programs and services for population.

She was emphatic when saying that increased salary will not entail increases in prices, for which regulations and control mechanisms will be implemented, including continuing monitoring by several institutions and the people themselves.


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