Inauguration of the Ballet Festival in Havana’s Karl Marx Theater

Today, when the National Ballet of Cuba (BNC) celebrates its 66th birthday, the artistic presentations of this festival that runs until November 7, dedicated this time to the English playwright William Shakespeare start.

The Karl Marx Theater serves as headquarters for the first time this type of encounter, during which it will host the opening and closing galas, in addition to other proposals such as the magic of dance, an anthology in which the public can appreciate scenes of classic main attraction.

At half past eight p.m. will be the opening of this meeting, which is held every two years and includes the traditional parade with all generations of dancers trained in the Cuban School of Ballet and opening remarks.

To close the play Shakespeare and his masks, choreography by Alicia Alonso with orchestral adaptations of Juan Piñera and libretto by Jose Ramon Neyra, inspired by the story of Romeo and Juliet is announced.

In the lead roles are the first figures of the Cuban company Anette Delgado and Dani Hernandez.

During these days, dance lovers will enjoy the action of first figures  of five dance companies and soloists joint US and other from Belgium, Hong Kong, Uruguay, France, China, Denmark, South Africa, Chile and Santiago Italy.

Also performing dancers from Puerto Rico, Portugal, Betraña, Germany and Norway and the host country, represented by members of the BNC and Camaguey.

The foreign guests pass through the Mella Theater and the two chambers of the National cede its space to the combined and concert programs and the entire Lake swans.

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